Treatment for Ledderhose Disease

It is worth trying general measures to reduce pain by avoiding direct pressure on the nodules by using soft inner soles, padding or even custom orthotics. Some people find that stretching exercises can be helpful.

Radiotherapy is often very successful at treating Ledderhose disease, with most people saying that they notice improvement in walking and/or pain with this treatment.

Some people have surgery for Ledderhose disease. This should probably be considered only as a last resort as it can cause various problems. If you have the nodule cut out then there is a high chance that it will come back, and it may even end up worse than before the surgery. If you have more extensive surgery then it may cause you quite severe problems as a result.

There are various other treatments available and there is excellent information about them on the British Dupuytren's Society website and on a very informative blog by a patient with Ledderhose disease.